A prestigious, top-quality cheese maker on Rue Poncelet!

A prestigious, top-quality cheese maker on Rue Poncelet!

After criss-crossing Rue Poncelet, my attention quickly returned to a cheese shop near the butcher/delicatessen Cosse.

Alléosse was created in 1987, in a 250 m2 maturing cellar in the 17th arrondissement, a rarity in Paris.

That’s why I asked to interview Philippe Alléosse, a first-rate master artisanal cheese maker and maturing expert in France.

I was immediately immersed in his world during the meeting. In fact, Phillippe Alléosse had just received a delivery of cheese to be matured, which upon arrival he smelled, tasted, and examined carefully. No compromises are made on quality and only the best types of cheese are kept. I discovered the passion of the profession and the handing down of knowledge through the family for the past three generations.

Philippe Alléosse has been awarded a large number of professional distinctions and has enjoyed genuine international recognition with more than 3 tons of cheese exported per month, particularly to Asia.

He only has one retail shop in France located on Rue Poncelet! Between 180 and 250 varieties of cheese are offered there along with specialties created by Phillippe Alléosse, including the famous “Mystère d’Alléosse.”

The family philosophy, apart of course from knowledge, tradition, attention paid to regional origins, quality and experimentation, is “bringing pleasure.” For an unforgettable tasting experience, this shop is highly recommended!

Crédit photo © Alléosse